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Filesharing software to recommend, anybody?

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I'm tired of Kaza, Kazalite and all that merry bunch. I have the new version of Kazalite (2.0.2) and it makes my HD work non stop.

Can anybody recommend a decent filesharing prog?

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Try it you'll liiiiiiike it :D

if its movies you want.
emule is the best.
WinMX is great-but know they will all have to work your hard drive pretty hard.
another good one is
I doubt if you are going to find a P2P filesharing program as good as Kazaalite. As far as it working your hard drive do you leave it running even when you are not downloading anything? If you are that is really slowing your system down as people are uploading from you while it is running. You should go to Tools/options/traffic and limit the number of simultaneous uploads. I have mine set to 3 and even with that I can see a significant decrease in the performance of my PC and I have a pretty fast system.
Imesh contains spyware. I think emule does also-but im not sure.
nope brendon,emule is clean;)
and a good report on p2p filesharing apps here.
hi Steve, how do you get a valid server list on emule? thanks
for regular Kazaa users running XP pro, right click the taskbar to bring up task manager, click on 'processes', then right click Kazaa.exe and change it's priority to 'below normal' to regain your processor and memory power from kazaa.
wanted to try kazaalite ,went to the site steve suggested,and clicked on kazaalite,and a page with kazaa media desktop came up. would this be the same as kazaalite,only an updated version?

I think 'Media Desktop' is how Kaza (any Russian speakers in here?) and maybe also Kaza Lite define their software.

And, though this discussion is turning to be quite informative, I think I posted the question at the top merely out of hardware-histeria. My HD was working non-stop, but I was downloading, like, 20 files at the time, at a total speed of about 60KB...

Whatever happened to caching...
Oh, I'll stop.
You didnt click the right link then. It also has 1 to regular Kazaa.
I downloaded winmx, and tried downloading a song, and it is so slow downloading. not at all like imesh. Does anyone else find winmx slow?
stu............just do a few searches ,for movies or whatever,the more you start downloading at first the more servers you aquire as it logs on and off different ones.
make sure you check if they are in english.;)

boadie,it should be named "kazaalite"

heres the site

averil.....imesh is spyware.............UN-INSTALL IT!

kazzalite is the best all rounder by far.;)
Originally posted by $teve:
and a good report on p2p filesharing apps here.
And we have an even better report here :)
Steve, here's all i get on screen when i click on the eMule desk icon. not connected the way it appears, and it doesn't connect. Ayy ideas on what to do?


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ok bob.........take a look here.
start emule,if you click on the best servers (add to emule)all the server list will be added to the program :D

there is also very good help file you can download from here.
Thanks Steve, it worked
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