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File formats-saving as another file type

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Just found out another strange thing happing on my computer. Don't know if it's suppose to do this or not, but I though see what everyone here had to say.

When I click on download links on the internet to download mp3 files, the save as box pops up, but it saves it as an MPEG instead, with no option for mp3. The linked file appears as an mp3 file on the info bar. How come it doesn't automatically save it as an mp3.

I could probably choose 'All file types' and type '.mp3' at the end of the file and then choose save, couldn't I. But, I want it to come up as an mp3 by default.

What's the deal?

BTW, this isn't in the wrong forum is it? I didn't know where to put it.:p
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Is it definatly a mp3? Sometimes, sites can offer links that are in the form of another file extension. Try to click one in, or is this where you're getting them from?

Have you got mp3 associated with Windows Media Player? Open up the player.

View | Options. Formats. Are all the boxes ticked? If not, tick them.

I think really, that it may be just down to the site. Can you tell me the name of one of the sites, and I'll have a look?


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Hi Eddie

I couldn't tell you if the file was an mp3. All I know is it said so in the info bar. But that wouldn't matter I guess. :p

The files I try download were just off of different sites. I was just testing things to see if it worked, so I don't know exactly where I found them.

I did check the formats of WMP to see what was checked. Mp3 was checked, but it was greyed out.:confused: I rechecked it though. I tried downloading someother mp3s, and it popped up as MP3 format. I guess it might have been the site.

As long as everything is ok. :D

It may have just been that site. You can post the link if you want, and I can have a gander.

See Ya

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