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i am editing a skateboard video and there are a few clips i need to get into adobe premeire. the only problem is that those clips are windows media audio/video files(*.wmv) and they need to be *.avi files. does anyone know how to convert them to *.avi? I've tries using graphedit but I can't insert the filter wav dest. any suggestions will help. thanx

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I am not into Movie making yet but plan to be in the near future.
There are converters available if you do a search on Google under "convert wmv to avi" but I do not know how good they are or if they even work. Here is another post I found on another graphics forum that may relate to your graphedit program. I know you said you tried using it but this may be a different thought about the process.
Listed below is part of the thread.
Hope it helps

Posted by Oscar Palladino on November 14, 2001 at 10:59:15:

In Reply to: Re: WMV to avi or mov?? microsoft have the answer posted by Si on June 23, 2001 at 20:13:09:

: : What is "Graph Editor"? It's actually GraphEdit and it comes with the Microsoft DirectX 8 SDK, which you get with MSDN or download from Microsoft's web site.

: : It lets you see and alter the path of software (codecs and drivers) used to read and play or write a multimedia file.

: : When I get GraphEdit, what do I do?

: : 1) Use the File->RenderFile menu option to load in a file.
: : 2) Remove the last two "filters" (or software components) from the graph. These default to your sound card driver and your video card driver. We don't want that, we want to convert to a different file format.

: : We'll do AVI, because that's what you'll want if you're using AVI editors to edit the movie.

: : 1) Use the File->RenderFile option and choose your ASF file (can use WMV, etc)
: : 2) The default graph is built for you
: : 3) Delete any filters after (but not including) the Windows Media Audio Decoder filter
: : 4) Delete any filters after (but not including) the ASF ICM Handler filter
: : 4) Insert a new filter (Graph->InsertFilters) called "AVI Mux" from the DirectShow filters section
: : 5) Link the ASF ACM Out to XForm In of Windows Media Audio Decoder
: : 6) Link XForm Out of Windows Media Audio Decoder to Input 1 of AVI Mux
: : 7) Link ASF ICM Out to Input 2 of AVI Mux.
: : 8) Insert a new filter called "File writer" from DirectShow section and choose a file name
: : 9) Link the AVI Out of AVI Mux to the In of your file writer
: : 10) Right-click the AVI Mux filter and choose Properties
: : 11) Choose the Full option of the Interleaving section and click OK (this makes the sound and video match up and is the whole point of the AVI format)
: : 10) Press the play button
: : 11) Wait until the play button is active again - this means the thing is finished (you can right-click on AVI Mux and look at the Current Position and Duration count to see how far in seconds the conversion has progressed during the conversion)
: : 12) Have fun editing your AVI
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