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Fax Problems

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Hey, First of all i'd like to say any kind of help would be appreciated. If this is in the wrong forum please move it and i apologize beforehand i didnt know where else to put it.

I recently bought Dynex DX-M100. Its a 56k V.92 modem.

I bought this modem because i wanted to be able to receive Fax on the computer since the fax machine automatically prints the faxes out and i receive a lot of them a day.

I have seen this done before but for some reason this isnt working for me.

I am using 1 single phone line for the phone and and Fax. I have 2 different numbers and one of the is for the Fax and the other is for the phone but its on the same line. I have distinctive ringtones which means that when the phone number is dialed the ring tone is different from when the fax had been dialed. My fax machine can recognize distinctive ring tones and so can my modem apparently.

Here is the problem i am having.

I want the faxes to be picked up automatically by the fax machine and then transfered to the computer so i dont have to waste so much paper and tape which is very expensive.

When i have my modem on with the software it pciks up the phone automaticaly. I have even set up distinctive ring tones on hte software but it doesnt work. It keeps picking up the line when its phone calls coming in and not faxes.

The 2 softwares i've got are Supervoice (which sucks) and Phonetools.

I am very frustrated and would appreciate any kind of help. I just want to be able to get fax on my computer without having complications iwth my phone. Thanks in advance and if you dont understand something or need more information let me know.

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