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Fatal Exception OE

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Hi all. I'm helping out another member via email who is having a problem with Shutting down. He has Win98, IE 6.
Everytime he shuts down he receives this message:

"A fatal exception OE has occurred at 0167.BFF7B9A6,The current application will be terminated.
Press any key to terminate the current application."

After hitting any key the pc shuts down fine. We're having a tough time isolating the problem. When he presses Alt-Ctrl-Del this is what is running:


I had him End Task on each one individually before shutting down to see if we could pinpoint the culprit (Except Explorer, of course) to see if the Bluescreen still pops up after terminating each one at Shutdown, but he still gets the same annoying bluescreen. I got him to send me his complete Startup from System Info in case it's needed (and have already informed him what needs to be running and what doesn't):

ZoneAlarm Common Startup Group "C:\Program Files\Zone Labs\ZoneAlarm\zonealarm.exe" -nopopup
run Win.ini hpfsched
ScanRegistry Registry (Machine Run) c:\windows\scanregw.exe /autorun
SystemTray Registry (Machine Run) SysTray.Exe
POINTER Registry (Machine Run) C:\PROGRA~1\MSHARD~1\point32.exe
RegisterDropHandler Registry (Machine Run) C:\PROGRA~1\TEXTBR~1.0\BIN\REGIST~1.EXE
ftpqueue Registry (Machine Run) C:\PROGRAM FILES\WS_FTP PRO\ftpqueue.exe -tray
CriticalUpdate Registry (Machine Run) c:\windows\SYSTEM\wucrtupd.exe -startup
Vet Alert Registry (Machine Run) C:\WINDOWS\System\VetMsg9x.exe
VetTray Registry (Machine Run) C:\PROGRA~1\INOCUL~1\VETTRAY.EXE
AdsOff Registry (Machine Run) "C:\Program Files\AdsOff2\adsoff.exe" -startup
AdsOff Startup Registry (Machine Run) "C:\Program Files\AdsOff2\reset.exe"
ftpqueue Registry (Machine Service) C:\PROGRAM FILES\WS_FTP PRO\FTPSCHED.EXE
TrueVector Registry (Machine Service) C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM\ZONELABS\VSMON.EXE -service
MiniLog Registry (Machine Service) C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM\ZONELABS\MINILOG.EXE -service

Any ideas or suggestions that anyone could offer so that I can help him out would be wonderful.
Thanks :) sharon
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I would try using msconfig to startup and shutdown with just scanregistry and systray enabled. It might also help to click on the Advanced tab and put a check in "disable fast shutdown" if that hasn't already been done.

I would be suspicious of ZoneAlarm in particular.
Had a similar prob some time back...unchecked run win.ini hpsched which appeared to help.
Hey everybody. Sorry it took so long to get back to you, but didn't have access to my pc all weekend. Anyways, 'Rog, he doesn't have "Disable fast shutdown" in the Advanced section of msconfig. He has also disabled everything in Startup except for ScanRegistry and is still receiving the Fatal Exception error. Any other suggestions I could give him to try? Thanks for any ideas anyone has. :>) sharon

Hey Artie, were you ever able to successfully ping TSG?
Sharon....NO I havent been able to ping techguy...heres what I do....get ms/dos prompt....type in invalid command message and windows prompt. What am I doing wrong?
Arty, it doesn't look like you're leaving a space between ping and I posted a pic for you to see below. Let me know what happens.


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For Win98 the "disable fast shutdown" option should be there. If he has Win98 SE with the patch installed, it is not available.

Any chance he has a prior registry still available for a scanreg /restore ? If not he can also try booting to a command prompt and trying: scanreg /fix

If there is a shutdown sound that normally plays, that should be set to None. In fact, it might be worthwhile to disable the sound card in it's Device Manager properties>settings for a test.

The most extensive shutdown troubleshooter around is this one, if you haven't seen it:
Hey 'Rog. I'll verify that he has Win98 or Win98Se w/Patch. I never thought about setting Sound Exit to none. I'll get him to try that. This problem started occurring about ten days ago, so scanreg /restore won't do him much good. I came across this link:

So, I was going to get him to check what video card he has, but your suggestion to disable the card completely makes sense so that we can rule that out. Email just arrived-he has a 16MB 3dfx voodoo 3 3000 D AGP.

I forgot about that link you mentioned on troubleshooting Shutdowns. I have it in faves and should have remembered it, but I've been sooo busy lately...I'll read through the Shutdown article again and go through the various things to try with him. He's a pc beginner so I prefer to take it really slow so that he doesn't become too overwhelmed. I'll get back to you after "we've" tried a couple more things to narrow it down.
Thanks 'Rog. :>) Be back soon. worked, got info, now if I knew what it means I would be a happy camper;

bytes=32 time=138msn TTL247 138 the ave. of138,125,151,&140.

Thanks for help Sharon...appologies to all for busting into this thread. rt
Not a problem Arty. I brought it up first didn't I? :) I bet if you "Search" tsg with "ping" as the keyword you'll get lots of hits that could explain pinging and what it all means. Happy pinging!
:>) sharon
Hey Rog. My friend does have Win98SE w\Patch so "Disable fast Shutdown" is unavailable. We've ruled out Startup Programs, damaged Windows exit sound, APM settings are fine, Temp, TIF, msdownld.tmp folders are empty. Ckecked for viruses with updated scanner (InoculateIt)-none.

Right now we're in the process of ruling out Autoexec.bat\Config.sys Command Line problems. I got him to check to see if there is anything in these files; he has this in config.sys:
REM [Header]
REM [CD-ROM Drive]
REM [Miscellaneous]
REM [Display]

But when I get him to check what's in autoexec.bat he says this is what shows up in the dos window:

Checking memory for viruses ... is OK.
Scanning C: []
Scanning C:\*.*
Summary report on C:\*.*
Total files: ........... 46
Clean: ................. 17
Not scanned: ........... 29
Possibly Infected: ..... 0
Time: 00:00.00
Creative SB16 Emulation Driver, Version 4.00
error: This program cannot be run from Windows.
Creative SB16 Emulation Driver NOT loading.

Any idea what's up with that? I have WinMe, so I'm not sure what the differences between WIn98 and WinMe autoexec.bat. Mine shows the Environment Variables.

I've checked his bootlog.txt and he had a couple load failed, would these point to anything that is causing the 0E error?:

1)[0010BADC] LoadFailed = ndis2sup.vxd (I gather this loadfailed is common and is nothing to fret about)

2)[0010BAFE] Starting U.S. Robotics 56K Voice Win
and below it:

[0010BAFE] Dynamic load failed : [0010BAFE] File not found

3)[0010BB23] Dynamic load failed C:\WINDOWS\system\MRCI.VXD : [0010BB23] File not found

He also some EndTerminate lines in bootlog.txt. Relevant?

Do you think you could possibly tell me what's up with his autoexec.bat before we carry on with troubleshooting?

Thanks a lot :>) sharon
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Instead of opening his autoexec.bat file in Notepad, he actually ran it. It must have a virus scanning entry in there.

A quick way to open autoexec.bat in Notepad is to go to start>run and enter:

notepad /autoexec.bat

I'd suggest testing the issue with autoexec.bat disabled from loading through msconfig. Also it might be worthwhile to see what happens if just a standard Vga 640 driver is loaded. This can be done by clicking on msconfig>advanced and putting a check in the VGA 640 box. Need to go back and uncheck for regular Video of course.

(I don't know what that "dell" entry does in config.sys; but like autoexec.bat, you can easily rule out both files using the msconfig utility)
Rog, I think that Dell line is real time clock fix for year 2000 issues......
Well, that explains what was up with autoexec.bat for me. The small differences between os makes such a difference when instructing others on how to do stuff on their pcs. My friend has had ongoing problems with his network card\modem and getting online-both have been replaced a few times. He has a technician coming out for the umpteenth time early this week (so far they have been absolutely no help at all), so he wants to wait and see if network card\modem problems and the 0E error are connected. He doesn't want to go through all the rest of troubleshooting yet-I think he is feeling a little overwhelmed by it all. He can still successfully shutdown regardless of the 0E error, so we'll wait and see if the error is cleared up by any "fixes" the technician tries. I've been helping him work on this for a while now via email, so I'm really curious myself as to what's causing the error. It's annoying me as much as him I think. lol If he's still receiving the error after the technician is done working on his computer we'll carry on troubleshooting to figure out what's up. I'll update this thread when I hear back from him after the technician leaves.

Thanks for all your help Rog. :)

BTW, do you have win98? If you do, do you think you could post a pic of msconfig\General Tab for me so that I could see the differences between Win98 & WInMe?
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tx 'Candy, I only found a couple of "hits" for that and no explanation of what it did.

Sharon, here is my Win98FE msconfig general page (attached file)..


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Thanks a lot Rog. That should help me in the future. For any who are curious here's what WinMe's msconfig looks like(below).


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Thanks for the help. This is an older computer with none of the newer options. I get no sounds from any of the programs or any of the keys. All sounds worked good with 95. Maybe I need to upgrade this computer, but I have no$$$$$$$$$$$$$$.
Well, guess what? It did turn out to be Zone Alarm 2.6 after all that was causing the Fatal Exception. He uninstalled it and everything was fine. I then sent him the older ZA which I run myself and he had no end of troubles with it. So, now he is without one (on a cable connection!) because he's having trouble understanding how to use and configure any of the ones I've recommended-Sygate & Tiny Personal Firewall. Any suggestions for a firewall that is good but also very easy to configure?
Thanks folks! :>)
Thanks for the update Sharon; I can't remember why I suspected Zonealarm before, guess I must have seen someone else with a similar problem.

I don't know of any other free firewalls.
Thanks Rog. I might download Tiny or Sygate and check out how to configure it myself so that I can walk him through it via email. Anyone else out there have any extensive knowledge of Sygate or Tiny? Maybe I should post a new Q to see if anyone else has either of these firewalls. Everyone I know has ZA...
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