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FARCRY please help

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could someone please help? :eek:
installed full version of FarCry on both cdrom version and dvd version. Installed ok dwnloaded latest patch .It then lets u set up game as normal,go through intro as normal but then crashes back to desktop.
Got all the recent drivers for graphics,sound,MoBo etc,got latest firmware and basically everything I was told to do by Ubisoft.
system specs are
P4 2.6
1024mb ram
geforce fx5200
latest direct x
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Bought FarCry, installed it (the demos were the selling point for me). The game would play for 5-20 minutes then the graphics would become a moving bunch of colored polygons. I would have to do the 3-fingered salute. A couple of other games did the same thing. I went to MSCONFIG, STARTUP and wrote down a list of everything that had a checkmark. I then unchecked everything in the startup list. Rebooted and when I went back there was only one thing that automatically rechecked itself. Since then my games have played with no problems. I have not yet attempted to try putting the items back in startup to see which one(s) caused the problem.
Glad you have it going. It looks and play great on my system. Unfortunately, I'm still on the carrier getting my pixelated butt kicked. I'll get it eventually though!
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