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FARCRY please help

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could someone please help? :eek:
installed full version of FarCry on both cdrom version and dvd version. Installed ok dwnloaded latest patch .It then lets u set up game as normal,go through intro as normal but then crashes back to desktop.
Got all the recent drivers for graphics,sound,MoBo etc,got latest firmware and basically everything I was told to do by Ubisoft.
system specs are
P4 2.6
1024mb ram
geforce fx5200
latest direct x
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I posted a topic about this earlier

I had exactly the same problem, and tried every single thing under the sun. and I mean everything (too much to list) Eventually I took it back.

After a while I bought Pandora Tomorrow which was doing exactly the same thing, (something to do with shadowing) Mc Timpson did a bit of research and found it would only work with an FX card instead of the MX that I had installed.
I bought a new FX card and the game works brilliant. Far Cry is made by the same company, "Ubisoft" so I wonder if this would have sorted it out.

I note that one of the replies from alwrmc shows he has an FX card in his specs. I tried a Radeon and it would not even think about playing the game. I mite get far cry again after I fish pandora, just to try it.



PS I had mc Afee and even went to the lengths of uninstalling (No Good)
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