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FARCRY please help

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could someone please help? :eek:
installed full version of FarCry on both cdrom version and dvd version. Installed ok dwnloaded latest patch .It then lets u set up game as normal,go through intro as normal but then crashes back to desktop.
Got all the recent drivers for graphics,sound,MoBo etc,got latest firmware and basically everything I was told to do by Ubisoft.
system specs are
P4 2.6
1024mb ram
geforce fx5200
latest direct x
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:( cheers for the reply but have tried doing them also think I'm just gonna have to kick the crap outta it
had the odd glitch when trying to install Breed ,took ages to read the disc.
Checked the firmware on both DVD and CD-rom and they are upto date :confused:
Did go back to site and tried all that they suggested still no luck.
Now proceeding to kick the crap outta it :mad:
Thx for all your suggestion fellas but nothing seems to work so ordered new graphics card as only thing I can think it can be after exhausting myself.
Will keep posted once card in
right sussed it out now got new gfx card but still did the same did what u suggested Alwrmc. Tadaaa got it working,turned out to be firewall(mcafee) .but heres the weird part,when firewall was switched off for some reason it automatically blocked the program thinking it was trying to access the internet even when not connected,but it was'nt notifying me of this fact.So I tried setting the program to allow on firewall and everything works fine now.
If anyone else has the same prob and they have Mcafee firewall try that.
Many thanks to all who helped and forever grateful for pointing me in the right direction.
the game runs like the proverbal dogs b******s now

P4 2.6
Radeon 9800 pro + Artic cooler
1024 ram
win xp home
1 - 6 of 14 Posts
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