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Fanstasy Baseball

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Attention all baseball fans. If you would like to join a semi serious fantasy baseball leauge it would really be a big help. Our league needs at least 12 people in it and we are short a few teams. So if you would like to join go to and sign up. The leauge name is Mo Pho Plz and the number is 245291 and the password is baseball. You can check it out. It is a free leauge. If you want to sign up it will be a big help, it should be a lot of fun. Thank you.
I am new to these forums and I am finding them very helpful. If you have any questions regarding the league just let me know on the forums.
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If you make that up before you give them an option, i dont think it matters :)

go for it :)
Originally posted by gws226:
Autodraft....... Would that be what everyone prefers?
I'd just do whatever is easiest. Also, most of the people won't know anything about baseball, so I would make it as easy and as automated and as much "luck" oriented as you can. If autodraft means everyone gets an automated team picked for them, I think that would be best for this our league. I don't think too many people are interested in "strategy", just having some fun. Plus, if it is based on skill, I'll win! ;)
Make it an autodraft and im in..........;)
101 - 103 of 103 Posts
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