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Fanstasy Baseball

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Attention all baseball fans. If you would like to join a semi serious fantasy baseball leauge it would really be a big help. Our league needs at least 12 people in it and we are short a few teams. So if you would like to join go to and sign up. The leauge name is Mo Pho Plz and the number is 245291 and the password is baseball. You can check it out. It is a free leauge. If you want to sign up it will be a big help, it should be a lot of fun. Thank you.
I am new to these forums and I am finding them very helpful. If you have any questions regarding the league just let me know on the forums.
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Moonie is a Kanuck :eek:

Kanucks like hockey! :D

Originally posted by Mulder:
Top 10 reasons why moonie should love baseball:

10. Canada actually has two "professional" (term used loosely)teams to root for.
9. There is no ice and snow--the games are played when in the summer when it is nice and warm so moonie can wear tank tops to the games!
8. There a no cheerleaders for moonie to compete with.
7. There's no glass between the fans and the players.
6. There is plenty of alcohol being served throughout the game
5. These guys are no sissies--they're playing "hardball".
4. There are no pads--the men's uniform are tight and form fitting.
3. There are plenty of curves, sliders, and knuckle balls :eek:
2. Every participant is required to have his own long hard stick. :eek:

and the No. 1 reason moonie should love baseball:

The men are trying like hell to get to first, then second, then to third base with the ultimate goal of "sliding in for a score" :eek:


very funny Mulder! :up: :D
and what is your definition of priorities Mulder? :eek: :D
ooooo, you are so lucky you put women in there

But some of Moonies priorities are questionable
like carrying that damn 5-Iron!
Originally posted by Mulder:
Not really--she uses it primarily on you, so I would say she has her priorities straight! ;)
So what's your excuse Mulder? A hot rock you were found under? :eek: :D :D
LMAO Mulder
you are such a dog! wooooooooooooooof

:D :D
Originally posted by moonmist:
It disturbs me that you two men are having this kind of conversation in the open.........;)


what comes around goes around
slasher! :mad: Get herrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! :D
Originally posted by moonmist:
Yeah...........*takes a backswing with the 9 iron* Here, kitty, kitty, kitty,!!!!!! :D
:D he is wise to your swing moonie


but so is Mulder :eek: :D
Out of the 2 sports, hockey is very intense to watch live, we have the spokane chiefs, and it gets crazy out on that ice and quite abit of brawling. I love it!

I have also seen live major league Baseball here many times.
I saw Nolan Ryan pitch his last game against Seattle. I think alot of my passion for baseball comes with the fact I was raised going to the games. It is the quintessential American sport.

In alot of ways Canada is the same way with hockey, kids grow up with hockey sticks in their hands instead for the most part.
Originally posted by Rockn:
Quit twisting the statistics to your own end. Doesn't seem like the fantasy hockey league was a thinking mans game does it.
well, look at the members :eek: :D
I thought I saw beavis on that list :D
1 - 11 of 103 Posts
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