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failure to exe any function

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I am using windows 98SE with Internet Explorer 6 and
Outlook Express 6. I can send and receive e-mail O.K.
I can look up any topic on the internet and receive information
about it. I cannot receive any free or shareware from the
internet. My system will not execute any download of software. I tried to receive Netxcape 6.2.1 to get away from IE6 but it wouldn't download either...Any suggestions helpfull.
266mhz pc with128sdram, 5.1 gb hard drive on cable internet.
Thank you...jnpburman
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You may want to look through this archived post on a problem that was solved concerning not being able to download
I didn't know if this would work. You could try Start/Programs/Accessories/System Tools/System Information. Than Click on tools and Internet Explorer Repair Tool. I am not sure what the IE Repair tool does because I don't have it even know I have Windows 98 Second Edition.

As a test, can you download this?

If not, this was posted by WhitPhil for another situation with downloading problems and I think it could be related to your issue too if Quicktime left behind a plugin for the download dialog box.

Try this and see what happens.

Start>Run, key in Regedit and press enter.

Double left click on each of these in the Left Pane.

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Plugins

Now in the Left pane you should see a subkey named "Extension" that's listed "within" and underneath the "Plugins" key in the Left side of the screen. Right click on it and select Delete. Now close Regedit.

Restart Windows and then try downloading with IE.

BTW, please be careful and see the attached file so your sure you delete the correct one. You'll see another key called "Extensions", plural with an "s", that's not "within" and underneath the "Plugin" key. You don't want to delete that one.
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