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Facebook not Displaying date of posts (Firefox)

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This problem just started a few days ago. For more recent posts (made less than 24 hours ago) I see the time (1hr) but for the rest I only see lines that seem to be the bottom of the characters and otherwise the space between the logo and the public globe symbol is blank. Please see the screenshot below. I can only see the date and time if I hover over it which is the balck portion you see with the white writing. It seems to be a Firefox issue because I don't have this problem in MS Edge. I tried allowing sites to select the font and that didn't do anything. I also tried changing the font from my preferred Verdana 16 to Times New Roman 16 which I belive is the default but that didn't fix the issue either. Anyone have any other ideas on what to do to fix this?

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Did it just start recently for you too?
Thanks for the replies. I appreciate it. :)
For the record I also tried refreshing Firefox and deleting Facebook cookies as well as starting in Troubleshooting mode without extensions and none of that helped solved the issue either.
Thank you. I think you're right and it seemed to start with the latest Firefox update.
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Thanks Ed but I never had to do that before. Plus it opens up a new window that I then have to close so it's one more step than hovering. I used to be able to just see the dates as I scroll down so I would know when to stop looking because they were tool old.
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