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F8 key

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I don't know if this applies to other computers, but do check.
When I got this computer not long ago. It had Windows 8. I had changed the safe mode startup according to You Tube in command prompt to boot up by using the F8 key and it worked fine.
When I did the free upgrade to Windows 8.1 for 8 users. I thought I better check to see if I can get in safe mode with the F8 key. To my surprise it went back to the Windows 8 method ( maybe by default, iam not sure ) to get into safe mode. I changed it again and it works fine, I did check this out. Thanks ( rookie with a computer ) Chuck
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What you do not tell us - for the benefit of anyone reading your topic is HOW you changed the Safe Mode Startup - according to YouTube - using cmd prompt

Generally speaking YouTube is NOT an ideal place to seek guidance on managing Windows

At least that is IMHO.
but did you check it out how to do it in windows 8.1 mode? if it doesn't work or the procedure lands you in the same place then it might be the default as you said(anyways I agree with Macboatmaster concerning youtube )
I for sure disagree with you Macboatmaster on the You Tube thing. Granted some videos are a joke for sure. I spend many hours on You Tube listening to computer tutorials from Britec Of U.K. and Nicks Computers both are Internet Tech,s and there very good. I did get my info from Brian of Britec U.K. Can you delete from here?

You must make your own decision
Britec recommends

So if your computer system is having intermittent freezes or application have a slow response when opening, all these type of issue can be sometimes resolved and restore system stability and fixing other issues like high memory usage. Auslogics Registry Defrag is a great free tool that works real well.
But I can assure you that if you try and run that on Windows 8/8.1 - sooner or later you will end up with problems - possibly even a system that will not load Windows.

However that is only IMHO and as I said - you must decide what you install - what you use and which advice you follow.

and finally I would with respect point out that I did say

Generally speaking YouTube is NOT an ideal place to seek guidance on managing Windows
Like I said, I had windows 8 at first and I changed my safe mode like windows 7 with F8 key, let me tell how I did this, and yes I did watch a you tube video on F8 key from Brian of Britec U.K. he is a computer expert, for sure. Do I use info from other you tube videos, never. But you tube is your opinion. I wont be back to bother you all again. When I did the 8.1 update yes it did go back the way it was. Its now changed back to using the F8 key. I tried it just this morning, it works great.
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