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F6 during install - not working

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Could anyone give me a suggestion as to how to fix this problem?

I'm trying to install my RAID O drivers for a Silicon Image 2x Seagate 250gb RAID O setup. Everything has gone to plan up until promt to press F6 during windows install (have tried Home and XP) I do so and nothing happens (I have configured the RAID in BIOS fine and have a floppy with the nessisary driver). Nothing happens and it'll always progress to the point where windows informs me that I have no HDD installed or that there is a problem and asks me to insert the Nvidia driver floppy (which I don't have).

What could be the problem here? I tried a different keyboard to rule out the obvious, even tried another XP CD (1 home, 1 pro).

Hope this is clear as to what the problem is...


Here are my specs if it helps (let me know if further information would help):

AMD X2 3600+, ASUS Premium MB, 2gb XMS corsair, XFX 7950 gt, CD-R and DVD-R drives, 2x 250gb SATA HDD (RAID 0)

Using Silicon Image RAID controller (could also use Nvidia one) for RAID setup

Have tried both XP Home and XP Pro, would prefer Pro (if solution differs).
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bearone2 - I tried it with a keyboard that I tested F6 on another computer with, so that isn't the problem.

Both of the keyboards that I used were PS2.

Is there a test for a bad port?

simpswr - I do get the prompt where it asks to press S or F3 to exit, however I only get to options and both of them are for Nvidia SATA/RAID.

I guess my question is about the Silicon Image RAID driver then, out of the two options which to do I select, and secondly does anyone know where I can get the drivers that it referes to?

Hmmm....thats what I thought, the PS2 port deffinately works.
Yessir, ASUS a8n-sli premium
Hmmm... Not sure what you mean. First off the Silicon Image SATA connectors have RAID auto enabled, so yes about the BIOS.

The second part apart F10, I did the F4 thing were you set up the RAID by selecting the drives, size and what not, or is there something else?
I think my next move is trying the onboard Nvidia RAID controller. Presently I've been using the onboard Silicon Image RAID controller.

When you used the Nvidia one did you have any problems with windows recognizing your "drive?" OR did you have to install additional drivers with a floppy that are included with the support cd? <--- thats where I'm having trouble with the silicon image controller.

The manual says that you have to install some file during XP install...
Did you have SATA or IDE HDD's? I had no problem with my last computer which had one IDE originally and then I added two IDE 60gb (RAID 0) later.
Z-tech, thanks I switched over to the nividia controller and it worked fine...I'm still not sure why the Silicon Image one didn't work...

Thanks though
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