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Sorry to interrupt your regular lurking with a new Introduction thread, but it must be done.

So, I'm a new guy around here, obviously. I just want to say....uh.....

*scratches head*


And you can call me Cirno, or Shia, or whatever suits your string variables. Anyway, I'm not a good guy at computers, and I still manage to ruin every system that I laid my hands on, provided I have enough time.

Hmmm, about systems, I'm mostly an Acer Aspire 4315 user (God, searching for its Windows XP sound drivers are really a pain in the rear plumbing systems), running Windows XP SP2 (I know, outdated and all.) and Ubuntu 9.04 from an external hard drive. I'm kinda Intermediate at Windows XP experience, and still a beginner at Ubuntu, Windows Vista and Windows 7. Planning to dual boot Windows XP and 7 on the laptop in the near future, in addition to the Ubuntu on the external hard drive.

...., guess that's all. I'm bad at intros.

See ya around. *waves*


P/S: My 'I' is sometimes an 'eye', so eye'm going to apologize beforehand if it's confusing you.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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