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External USB Hard Drive not shown - Windows 10

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Here's the case:
I have an external hard drive which contains several files. I was facing no issues so far, but now when I try to connect it to my laptop, I hear the windows sound that something is connected but when I open my computer I don't see it.

I followed the steps required so as to find it through the "Computer Management" -> "Storage" -> "Disk Management", and assign to it the letter that would then allow it to be shown to "My Computer". But the issue is that the computer doesn't "see" the hard drive at all. I couldn't find it in the "Disk Management". I tried connecting the hard drive to other computers but the results are exactly the same. :/

I have freaked out so please please please let me know what I should do on the matter!

Thank you!!
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The hard disk drive inside that box may have died; but, we really need to know more to reach any conclusions, so...
What is the make and model of the external drive?
Sometimes the SATA-to-USB electronics within the external hard drive's enclosure fail. When this happens it is often fairly easy to remove the hard drive from the enclosure, connect it directly to a SATA connection in a PC and then have access to the files on the hard drive.

To find out if this is possible with yours, like DavisMcCarn has already ask, we'll need the make and model number.
Hello, Davis McCarn and SpywareDr!
The hard drive is Intenso 6026562 Memory Home Hard Drive 1 TB USB 3.0.

You may also see it here:
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