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Extend Wireless Connection

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Hi Guys,

I have a restaurant renting my downstairs premises with a hotspot that Im allowed
to extend into our house, however they don't want a wired connection to their network
with their POS systems, so I can only access wirelessly.

They've given me the MAC address and IP of the router. I wanna know, if I have a
spare Netgear DGN2200, is there away to set it up as a repeater/extender, even if I
need to use 3rd party firmware, to take the signal I get strong in the one corner of my house and then repeat throughout from my spare router(as much as the router can).

I've seen too many conflicted articles and threads, so not even sure if this is possible,
else what hardware should I purchase?

Thanks in advance !
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Using an old router as a repeater is possible. The issue and legality of your request is what comes into play here. It's someone else's internet, a business connection at that and they've given you special permission to access their connection using wifi ONLY. Circumventing their permission to add/extend this connection can only end badly.

That being said, why not just get your own connection from same provider that the business is using?
There is no legality issues. The permission is to extend it as explained in OP.

Im looking for advice on how.
I fully understand what you stated You can't legally do that (extended the service/wifi) as it's "NOT" your service. It's the same as using your neighbors cable by running a coax cable from the connection box to you house with out them knowing it. It's the same thing with the wifi extender.

So no advice will be forth coming as this is illegal.
I fully agree with bassfisher6522 Also, with that router it wouldn't be possible. It would have to be hard wired, and that is why they are requesting that not to be done.
Don't be thick with your illegal nonsense.

The restaurant owner, my client and leasee has given
us permission, why else would they give me the
MAC and IP. They are using the only line my premises
has, and as its uncapped we agreed to share.

Hardwire is not allowed so no one can intefere with
POS accounting.

If someone with networking expertise can assist, that
would be most appreciated.
We should assume that the restaurant has a commercial internet service that allows them to provide internet access to their customers, and their landlord if desired. As long as GordanFreeman does not give access to others outside his residence there is no problem that I can think of.

I doubt that the Netgear can be used as a Repeater (or Range Extender), but check the user guide (which you can probably find in the Support section of Netgear's web site) to see if that mode is supported, and check for possible firmware at dd-wrt.

If you need to buy something there are some devices called "Repeater" or "Range Extender" or "Ethernet Convertor" but most devices with this capability are simply called "Wireless Access Point" and you have to read the specs or manual to see if the additional mode(s) are supported.
bassfisher6522 and Jfletcher86, if you suspect a problem such as illegal use please click on "Report" and let a mod or admin handle it. Thank you.
I read over it again. The main thing that kept sticking out to me was the POS data, but technically it seems like he owns that building anyway. Anything he extends this with is going to have a hardwired port on it, if they gained access to that, then they would gain access to the entire network. That was my concern. I posted a link for what I think would be the safest way.
It's not nonsense as you never stated the permissions of your agreement.

To use a router you have to physically connect it to the modem/router with an ethernet cable. Then change the DCHP on first router to off and then turn on DCHP on 2nd router and then change the 192.168.x.x (subnet) to something other that or what ever it's listed at so there's no wifi conflict. It's called daisy can google that yourself for your specific model.

Your best bet would to get a repeater....where there are no cables involved. Have a look at this link.....scroll down to the wifi repeater section fo the page. Then go shopping for a repeater.
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