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exployer.exe problem

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Recently on the net via uk broadband connection when i lost connection. Since then I can not reconnect and more so i cannot enter My Computer / Control panel etc. I just get a blank screen followed quickly by full desktop with all icons.

I can however run all other programmes. System restore will also not go back to an restore point. If it is a problem with Exporer startup i would be quite happy to reinstall XP but would like to get all my stored info off our shared folders. Can anyone please advise.

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If you have tried a system restore and it did not work, have you tried a repair install of xp?

Boot with your xp cd [cd set as first boot device in the bios] after setup loads you will see a menu; install or repair choose to install not repair. The next menu will show any previous xp installs and offer to repair them for you; let setup repair your install.

After a repair install of xp, you will need to do some things.
1) Reapply service pack 1 / 1A [if your disk did not have sp1]
2) Reinstall chipset / mb drivers [most of the time not needed, however I like to reapply the drivers]
3) Reinstall DirectX9b [if needed]
4) Reinstall any hot fixes, patches, and security updates.
5) You may or may not have to reinstall your video driver

All data and apps will still be there when you finish.
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