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explorer problem

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Can someone help?
On startup,I get an error:
'The shortcut Gstartup.lnk refers to a location that is unavailable.the location could be on a harddrive on this computer or on a network.check to make sure the disk is properly inserted or that you are connected to the internet,then try again'

then once the desktop is loaded,I cannot open internet explorer,I keep getting an error:
'Explorer has caused an error in MSIESH.DLL.Explorer will now close,try restarting.'

..when I check the properties of explorer, the default address is
' res://mshp.dll/index.html#10213'.

What is wrong with the explorer?
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There's definitely some adaware or virus looking at your Hijackthis log.

In IE go to Tools -> Internet Options -> and delete Files and Cookies.

To remove any Spyware or Adware that may be installed on your machine, download and install Adaware and Spybot. Then update each program before scanning. Fix ALL problems found by either of the programs. You may need to reboot and have the scan run at startup. Run it again to make sure all components have been removed. There is also an Immunize in feature in Spybot that should be enabled to protect against some installations of Adware/Spyware.

Ad-aware and Spybot:

As for the files in C:\_Restore they are protected, here's soem instructions on how to clean them:

Then rescan with Housecall or Symantec's online scan:
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Can you post a new Hijackthis log? There should be a few things that probably still be cleaned out.
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