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explorer problem

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Can someone help?
On startup,I get an error:
'The shortcut Gstartup.lnk refers to a location that is unavailable.the location could be on a harddrive on this computer or on a network.check to make sure the disk is properly inserted or that you are connected to the internet,then try again'

then once the desktop is loaded,I cannot open internet explorer,I keep getting an error:
'Explorer has caused an error in MSIESH.DLL.Explorer will now close,try restarting.'

..when I check the properties of explorer, the default address is
' res://mshp.dll/index.html#10213'.

What is wrong with the explorer?
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I followed the link from your first post and did the 'fix'.
It must of helped because I restarted . I still got the 'Gstartup.lnk' shortcut message but I was able to access the internet. I didn't follow your second post yet,but thank you for your quick helpful response
Every time I try to reply here with the HJT results that I cut/paste,
When I hit 'reply' I get an 'unknown' error and explorer shuts down,
WhenI try to restart , I get a 'surftrust bone has caused an error' or a
'sysai' not responding, ???
here is the HJT


Ran the scan, my Mcafee kept interupting,finding the infected files as housecall did, I couldn't seem to post a log from housecall but one thing was obvious,I did a McA scan, all along I've seen the problem but ignored,both scans showed me the infected files, all located in
C:\_RESTORE\TEMP\A000***,most are 'potentially unwanted', but 2 of them:
Downloader-DS and Multidropper-GP.d are infected and with the rest of the Adware-gator,pop,showsearch, cannot be deleted or quarentined and are 'write protected'.
I'm embarrassed to say that I saw them in previous scans but thought I was helpless to remove. Can I assume that as long as they are there,they are dangerous? Is this a WinME 'fault'?
here is the hjt in safe, I don't know the McA vers,it is updated almost daily and I scan regularly.


Hello again,
I followed your last instruc,disabled system restore,ran adware,updated and ran spybot s&D,then ran my udated McAfee scan ( did not do housecall ), and finally came up clean .I then enabled system restore. I did not realize that these things hiding in '_RESTORE' were causing so much trouble. Am I out of trouble?

I REALLY appreciate you folks taking the time to walk me through this mess.
Thank you
Here is the latest HJT


I 'fixed' the files you instructed,but had problems with your second request.I rebooted in safe but could not find 'folder opt' in tools of IE, I did another adware,spybot and McA scan, all came up clean, here is the latest hjt .


I found the folder 'ref eggs view' , it contains
Boreremote,ikgoopfv,irrgekie,mail default,pile,surf trust bone & yxiaosuw, there is only a 'general' tab for each aplication with date and size
I ran HJT twice,checking the 'surf trust bone', but it's still there, would deleting the folder be wise ?
I followed your advice and rebooted in safe,then deleted the folder
'ref eggs view' that 'surf' was in. While looking into this from your last post, I noticed the date downloaded, 3/17/04, so this folder was fairly new, but I'm stumped, even doing a 'google' , I only came up with 1 hit,and that was a tech help site (not this), that showed a hjt with that same folder. Does anyone know what this is?
Anyhow, thanks for everything
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