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Explorer error

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When I try to open "My Computer", "My Documents", or "My Network Places", I get the message Explorer has caused an error in <unknown> Explorer will now close, If you continue to experience problems, try restarting your computer. This also happens sometimes when I'm on the web. I've tried restarting and it works sometimes but I'd like to correct the problem for good.
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I've seen this issue caused by hidden "spyware" which gets bundled with some installed applications. I think you should rule that out first by installing and running Lavasoft's Ad-aware:

Read the FAQ and "getting started" pages before running it.

Also have you run an updated antivirus scan?

Compare with Rags' littany of problems here:

Use the AD-WARE program. It's most likely SPYWARE and also, if you have a good antivirus, do a system scan. There might also be a TROJAN virus on your system. I just experienced the same problem for the past week and now everything is okay.
I tried the virus scan (both Norton and PC cillin) and nothing was found. I downloaded Adware and used it, also with no result. I still recieve the same error message. One of them, and only one, refered to an error in NAVSHEXT.DLL??????????:confused:
It appears to be a file associated with your Norton Anti-Virus.

Have you tried updating or re-installing Norton? Or perhaps you un-installed it?
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