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Explain to me Israeli support

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Have read many articles over the past couple of years concerning the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and understand the basics of the conflict, I think, but I do not understand why the US Government seems to want to back Israel no matter what they do.
1) If terrorist lives in this home then terrorist is killed and family home destroyed even if home is filled with other family members not involved.
2) Arbitrarily annex territory at whim taking over others lands Palestinians have homesteaded for years and use as Israel pleases.
3) The killing of a wheelchair bound, blind and deaf leader.

I assume there is some history to this backing and wish to know.

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My my - my friend, this could well become a very heated and inflammatory thread indeed :eek:

Interesting to see where it goes however !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ciao ciao - Oldie

PS - this could well turn into a Brit bashing thread if history is involved :eek:
Originally posted by Davey7549:
Maybe my really not knowing could get this thread in trouble and if it does then I will close and delete it.
I really would like to know why though.
Anywhere I look I do not see anything written on it. It is like a silent question.

I sincerely hope anyone that posts keeps this question in the innocent context it was asked in and does not turn it to flame.

No no no no Dave leave it be - simply edit any word or statement you feel is unacceptable. Nothing gets the message across better believe me ;)

Let the thread run. Hope Paq / RSM / Albert will pop along with the Brit involvement, albeit now posted to the history archives :D

Cheers - Oldie
Columbo says many truths :eek:

Hi Albert - OK :up:

Davey - This land is mine,
God gave this land to me--
This great and ancient land to me.
And when the morning sun
Reveals the hills and plains
Then I see a land
Where children can run free.

Exodus !!!!!!!

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There ya go Davey - post 11 :eek: Not entirely factual but a few home truths maybe, except that Oldie didn't actually state anything ;)

You sound a wee bit agitated infidel :D

Off for coffee now - Oldie ;)
Originally posted by infidel_kast:

Just out of curiosity Oldie, simply because I want Davey to be informed on both sides viewpoints, was the fact that I presumed you stated something when you didn't the only factual error, or was there something else? just curious.
Like your debating style infidel. Factual error!!! mmm lets see. Not really, but much is still under wraps and archived away in the deeper recesses of Century House, London. Where it will remain as classified for a few more years yet!!!

Needless to say Britain has made many mistakes in it's recent history. Not least in Palestine (as it was ) during the Exodus :eek:

Nuff for now - do not wish to hog the thread

Regards - Oldie
Much more but???

During World War I the Zionist movement and the Jewish community in Eretz-Israel firmly supported the Allied Powers, even fighting under the British Army in the Jewish Legion (39th and 42 nd Battalions, Royal Fusiliers, with the 38th Battalion of the Royal Fusiliers also sometimes called the Palestinian Brigade). On November 2, 1917, the British government issued the Balfour Declaration, stating that "His Majesty's Government view with favour the establishment in Palestine of a national home for the Jewish people…." In 1922 the League of Nations created the Mandate for Palestine, under which Great Britain was to facilitate the creation of a Jewish state in Palestine.

Regards - Oldie
Davey - I am very concerned that you have failed to recognise we Brits ability to bash ourselves and reveal the truth about our not so glorious ( Imperial ) past :eek:

Had this thread been about the American civil war we ( Brits ) may well have been told to keep our noses out :D

If you gain anything from this thread, then surely it's the fact that Brits are not patriotic to the extent of fanaticism :D

Regards - Oldie

PS - please don't start a thread entitled " The Suez Crisis " :D
Even less knowledge of geography :D

Now let me see - Wot is where iz dis smoky mont Etner :D
Excellent analysis, IK.

So says Oldie :up:
I would rather Al-Fird be Modulated :D = To adjust or adapt to a certain proportion; regulate or temper, New Oxford.

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