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Explain to me Israeli support

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Have read many articles over the past couple of years concerning the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and understand the basics of the conflict, I think, but I do not understand why the US Government seems to want to back Israel no matter what they do.
1) If terrorist lives in this home then terrorist is killed and family home destroyed even if home is filled with other family members not involved.
2) Arbitrarily annex territory at whim taking over others lands Palestinians have homesteaded for years and use as Israel pleases.
3) The killing of a wheelchair bound, blind and deaf leader.

I assume there is some history to this backing and wish to know.

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Originally posted by infidel_kast:
1. They are Pro-Western and are not a secular government. Much easier to deal and negotitate with someone who doesn't have to consult a Bible, Torah, or Koran.
2. Lots of Israeli's lived in the US first, and have very powerful lobbies in the US, AIPAC, probably being the largest.
3. Stable government.
4. They have money to buy military weapons.
And lastly, guilt.
:up: Especially the guilt part, IMO.

Most Americans (IMO) believe that homocide/suicide bombings are beyond understanding, but at the same time are increasingly getting sick of the tit-for-tat mentality of BOTH SIDES.

I know that I am.

It will require a full capitulation from both sides to solve this conflict. Yet neither will.

Unfortunately, I believe that this conflict will be at the core of the next major world war. I'm glad that I do not live anywhere near that area of the world. :(
columbo said:
2) An "allied" nation which serves as (essentially) an extension of the American military. The U.S. taxpayer provides several billion dollars in aid (earmarked for miltary purposes) which Israel uses to purchase weapons and defense systems through American manufacturers and contractors (I tried to talk about this in detail with LANMaster a couple of months ago, but I can't remember which thread it was).
I remember the discussion being quite productive, and in the end, I thought we had reached some some common ground. :confused:
linskyjack said:
Then you need to elect politicians who agree with you. There are very few out there. By the way, Egypt gets a couple of billion from us each year. They are among the worst human rights violaters in the world---Do you think we should shut down aid to them? Would you please supply us with the Federal statute that prohibits giving aid to a country that has developed nuclear weapons. You said it was a law??? First I ever heard of that one.
Did that aid decrease (even a little) during the previous Admninistration?

On a side note, I tend to agree that US arms sales have gone out of control, and that much more of our foreign aid goes toward weapons that the US would like to admit.

Carry on. :D
DNeurococo said:
I can't control what North Korea, Syria, etc. do.
I think you're misunderestimating your influence, DN. ;)

DNeurococo said:
Israel is not the 51st state and not my responsibility.
Every one knows that title belongs to Puerto Rico, American Samoa or Guam. :D
.... since this thread is rockin' today ......

Muslim Radicals Plan Tribute to 9/11 Attacks

The extremist Islamic movement Al-Muhajiroun has announced a planned tribute to the 9/11 attacks and the 19 hijackers who carried them out during its London convention later this month, reports the British Arab daily Al-Sharq Al-Awsat.

The tribute – titled "The Choice Is in Your Hands: Either You're with the Muslims or with the Infidels" – is billed as a celebration of the third anniversary of the worst terrorist attack in U.S. history, according to the Middle Eastern Media Research Institute, which translates Arab news reports.

Some perspective. I would not be cheering if some jerk hijacked an Arab airline and flew it into this convention. :mad:

How dare they celebrate the killing of innocents.
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columbo said:
LANMaster said:

I know.......I worded part of that statement wrong (the word "tried" has the wrong implications). My mistake Lanny :)
It's all good, my friend. :up:
muw said:
You know Lanman I have always wondered why we put up with such? I mean how often do you get all of your enemies in one place? Look we said "NO More" and they have been fairly warned so why aren't we just taking them out every time they gather? I mean this is a "WAR" right?

Would we have allowed Tojo to gather up a "Party" to celebrate "Pearl Harbor" anywhere in the world? No it would have been an "Act" of War to allow such a gathering on your territory wouldn't it?

Are we running out of JDAM"S or something? When they are allowed to gather together to celebrate it gives them strength and our response should be fatal every time!

Sorry WC!
Perhaps I wasn't as clear as I should have been.

My opposition was about flying a CIVILIAN aircraft at the convention (killing the innocents in the plane) I'd have no problem dropping a JDAM or 2 on their party. Certainly some innocents may expire on the ground, but I think that is WAY different than taking children hostage and stabbing babies to death.

Direly DN sees the folly in his comparisson.
DNeurococo said:
By Orwellian definition, EVERY civilian death caused by an Israeli or an American was "unavoidable" - - no matter how many thousands of deaths occur, no matter how predictable and routine they are.

How many innocent civilains will be "unavoidably" killed tommorow in Gaza and Iraq?
:rolleyes: I guess not.

Kill a terrorist and his bodyguard also dies is just about the same as stabbing innocent babies to death, right, DN? An innocent is an innocent, right?

Exactly, muw.

I doubt any of those Russian school kids were armed, or in attendance at any anti-Chechen gathering.
DNeurococo said:
Isn't this a coincidence? ==>

TV reporter killed by US fire during live Baghdad broadcast
This is GREAT news!!! :up:

The bombers were probably coordinating their attack with the TV crew anyway.
It's great to see the US military targeting anyone who lingers around a destroyed US vehicle. :up:
This is certainly not targeting "innocents".
Exceptional post linskyjack !!!! :up: :up: :up:
I agree, but certain lands should stay in the hands of Israel. (Gaza Strip for one. It cannot be allowed to become an "island" within a new Palestinian State. And it cannot be returned to Egypt either for security reasons.

So the solution must include one of 2 things.

If Israel hands over the Gaza Strip, then also gives a "land bridge" through Southern Israel to connect the 2 properties. (Gaza and West Bank) Perhaps Israel might give up some of that for the right to retain Golan Heights or a portion of the West Bank (other than the totality of Jerusalem)
Israel retains Gaza in total but hands over the Golan Heights (and a substanial portion of the West Bank)

Also, I'd hate to think of the city of Jerusalem split down the middle by a wall, but it looks like that is the only way anyone will get some of their holy property within their own homeland. :eek:

Nobody will relinquish their claim on Jedrusalem.
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I had earlier suggested that the gaza strip could be linked to Palestinian areas, but looking at the map, that would create a divide cutting off Israel's route to the port of Elat.


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linskyjack said:
Israeli children are not on the front lines, throwing stones, shooting guns, and aiding abetting Hamas and Hezbolah members to murder innocent civilians. Israeli children do not strap bombs to their backs, walk into public places and kill other children. Israel parents dont purposely put their children in harms way--use them as fodder in terroristic attacks. That explains the disparity in children being killed on the front lines of this war.
This was an absolutely brilliant response to DNC's post. :up: And right on the money.
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