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Explain to me Israeli support

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Have read many articles over the past couple of years concerning the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and understand the basics of the conflict, I think, but I do not understand why the US Government seems to want to back Israel no matter what they do.
1) If terrorist lives in this home then terrorist is killed and family home destroyed even if home is filled with other family members not involved.
2) Arbitrarily annex territory at whim taking over others lands Palestinians have homesteaded for years and use as Israel pleases.
3) The killing of a wheelchair bound, blind and deaf leader.

I assume there is some history to this backing and wish to know.

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I don't think there is a logical answer Davey. It is emtional however. :(
Thanks from me too Paq. Amazingly I knew much of that, but I did not know Russia was behind the Egyptian Israeli war.

Have to wonder why I never thought about it! ;)
Hey Davey! Did you run over to Appleton today? Seriously. :confused: :D
Originally posted by Paquadez:
I weell remember, Basset, having lunch at the Carlton Towers in about 1978/9, with a charming Irish Doctor of Philosophy.

He had been a Prof. at the School of Oriental languages in Teheran.

Since the revolution of the Fundamentalist Sh'ia was focused (as often is the case) amongst the young intellectuals, he was able to travel backwards and forwards and was trading on behalf of the Irish Dairy Marketing Board, selling essential foodstuffs, like baby milk and so on.

I asked him about the Iranian revolution.

He told me that when mounting a revolution or a coup, you always ensured that when it was over, you controlled the Army: and the first thing was to give them a pay rise!

Where Soviet Russia failed in this case, was that they didn't control the army.

I asked him then, who ruled Iran?

He replied, the guy with the Kalashnikov and the box of grenades under his bed!

He explained, this meant most "Normal" Iranian men.

In other words, it was anarchy, for a long time afterwards.

Same, it seems, now, sadly, in Iraq.


:( :(
Thanks paq. I didn't catch this post until just now! :D
To be Intimidated is to be an Accomplice
No truer words were spoken in these times! :(
DNeurococo said:
By Orwellian definition, EVERY civilian death caused by an Israeli or an American was "unavoidable" - - no matter how many thousands of deaths occur, no matter how predictable and routine they are.

How many innocent civilains will be "unavoidably" killed tommorow in Gaza and Iraq?
:( but true!
Let's take a quick peek back at the original rational for a "Holy War"

From the confines of Jerusalem and the city of Constantinople a horrible tale has gone forth and very frequently has been brought to our ears: namely, that a race from the kingdom of the Persians, an accursed race, a race utterly alienated from God, a generation, forsooth, which has neither directed its heart nor entrusted its spirit to God, has invaded the lands of those Christians and has depopulated them by sword, pillage, and fire. . . .

---Pope Urban II, Proclamation at Clermont, 1095

The Crusades, like so much of the modern conflict, were not wholly rational movements that could be explained away by purely economic or territorial ambition or by the clash of rights and interests. They were fueled, on all sides, by myths and passions that were far more effective in getting people to act than any purely political motivation. The medieval holy wars in the Middle East could not be solved by rational treatises or neat territorial solutions. Fundamental passions were involved which touched the identity of Christians, Muslims and Jews and which were sacred to the identity of each. They have not changed very much in the holy wars of today.

---Karen Armstrong, Holy War, 1988
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