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Excel - Translate English in Column A to Spanish in Column B

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I have a spreadsheet that I would like to give to both English and Spanish speaking workers. Is there a way to convert the English text in column A to Spanish in column B? I will be changing the text in column A on a weekly basis and will need to translate then distribute to all workers.

Thanks in advance.
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What sort of text is it?

Is it always a set phrase / phrases?
I've been playing around with the same idea and have started some tests.
Here is a sample workbook.
Try it out, be patient.
I found the code while Googling around and it works nicely
Just type or change an English text in column A, press enter and wait while google does the translating

This is untested on other computers but it works fine.on mine, Excel 2010

Let me know if it works.


CodeLexicon - The text changes every time...never the same.

Keebellah - I will check this out and get back to you. I've been having some issues with Excel hangs on startup 95% of the time, really annoying. Never had this problem with earlier versions.
Neat bit of code, that, Hans!
Wow...that is nice!! Thanks so much.

Are you able to add Column C - Portuguese? Column A translates to both columns.

Also, is there a way for it to translate data that I paste into column A from another worksheet?
if you look at the code you could see and think out the way to it yourself

Tip: "es" stand for Spanish "pt" stands for Portuguese (I think) and so on, you can look this up in Google (I did)

You will howvere have to give this a little thought, you won't want to be waiting while everything is translated over and over again, different trigeers for Column B , Column C, etc

I have no idea what your coding skills are but you can give it a shot.

I learned by trial and error too :)

If you paste data into column A it will be saen as a change, i might trriger correctly but it might take a lot of time, depending on the amount of text
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