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Excel drop-down selects alternate data.

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Please see attached. I am trying to make a costing sheet that uses data from another sheet. Depending on the classification the user chooses on the first sheet defines what data is pulled from the second sheet.

The pricing is banded by units and then additional units on top of the top band are individually priced.

These bands are also effected by the category they are in.



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I have had a go, its not complete but at least at the moment it is able to pick the correct prices depending on category selection. Iv had to make a small change to the layout to make it work .

Just one question

say I have the following

Category A
Unit 1-3 £10
Unit 4-6 £20
Unit 6-10 £30

if the user picks 5, would the calculation then be 5*20 = £100?

or are you saying that 5 units will cost £20?

I assume the former but I need clarification

need to figure out the 1-3 and how to find that its not proving easy but i'll have a look when I have more time......


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Hi great! Yes so the banding price is for all units 1-3. so it's the same price whether you have 1,2 or 3 units.
1 unit is £10
2 units are £10
3 units are £10
4 units are £20
5 units are £20 etc..


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