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I am working on a database where A1-A1500 contains part numbers. Columns B-BX contain "Vendor Price" and "Date Price was Quoted" for multiple vendors. I inserted 2 columns at Column B and added "Best Price" into Column B and did MIN function to find the lowest price. Ok, that was the easy part.

Now I would like to/have to work out some logic so the database knows which Vendor did have the lowest price because I need to have the "Date Price was Quoted" that is associated with the "Best Price" fill into Column C. I think this is a combination of a VLookup and an if then statement, but I am not sure how to approach it and I am stuck! Help!

I appreciate any insight/advice..
Thanks for your time,

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This sounds like you are trying to do Access Query type functions in Excel, have you considered using Access instead?
Taking Villan's point in post #9 that you may have more than 3 "sources", I can do this with VB if you want as Excel functions aren't my forte.
Try this, click the command button on the sheet.
The code allows for 5 columns of Sources.
It doesn't need the message box, it is just their to tell you where it finds the match.


If you right click the command button and then click "View Code" it will open the VB Editor and show you the simple code.
It doesn't have to be on a command button of course, it could be on the Sheets "Sheet Activate" or "Sheet Change" event procedures or on a Macro Shortcut.
Some formula Zack :up:
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