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I run Excel 97 on a Windows 98 platform.

Some time ago, my numeric format default changed so that every number that I key in - no matter to what cell - appears to be formatted by default to equal 10% of the number that I actually keyed in, or as if it was default to one decimal point.

Thus, if I key in 4321, the figure that actually appears on the spreadsheet is 432.1.

In an attempt to correct this, I re-set the Format Numeric code to zero decimal places, to no avail. Previous spreadsheets with good data still have good data. It is only the NEW numeric data that has a default format of one decimal place.

I have also re-installed Microsoft Office 97, to no avail.

I have reinstalled Windows 98, to no avail.

My guess is that there is one field in the Registry where the "one decimal" default is somehow locked in, instead of defaulting to zero decimal points.


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