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Excel 2013 - Help/advice on creating macro to send mail

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Hello all,

Am hoping someone may be able to help me with a task I am trying to complete.

I have a work book that I need to edit on a daily basis, and I ideally want to be able to send an email to specific email address when a date is input.

I have attached a copy of the workbook for perusal.

To try and explain - rows 3 to 11 contain data that I would want to be emailed to the email address listed in column c (drop down menu). But what I want to achieve is that the email is sent as a meeting/apt for the user listed in C (from the drop down menu of email addresses). But I want that meeting/apt to be made for the date in the BOOKED TO field.

I appreciate that this may not be possible as an automated process, so if it is possible, to have a 'send mail' button configured at the end of each row to send an email to the recipient that would also help.

I have done a fair bit of searching and looking at various bits of code - but I will have to be honest and say I have no idea on how to implement the code into what I am trying to achieve.

If anyone is able to spend time looking into this for me I would be ever so grateful - appreciate all are busy!

Many thanks in advance.


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Hi, welcome to the forum,
I assume you did a serious search and didn't really find what you needed. There are many replies to similar questions but if I understand correctly it's not a mail message that you wish to send but an appointment request. In the BOOKED TO date, is that a time stamp? If you send a date as appointment the date time for that appointment will be dd-mm-yyyy 00:00:00 (midnight)
You will have to indicate a suggested time; the reply (acceptance of the appointment by the receiver) will be sent to the mailer (the currently logged in user's Outlook account).

There will be quite some more code necessary to have this done automatically so your idea of a button to mail manually is good start.

I'll download your file and take a look, I cannot promise you that I will get it working, at least not immediately.

Don't hold your breath :) I'll try my best for you.
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Good morning,
I've been looking at the file you attached and it's contents and came to the following assumption.
This probably has something to do with a Helpdesk or Servicedesk where equipment is loaned to customers and what you are asking is that every time something is registered you want a reminder in the Help/Service-desk's own calendar so that he can take action for non-returned items. Correct?
I think you should give it a thought whether you really want an Appointment (which then has to be set to Free) or better yet a Task which is more like a 'things to do' an appointment carries more weight.
I have attached a zipped VBA module with several codes found, these will need to be adapted to your needs.
The appointments will need to be set so that these are set in their own calendars, now they are destined for another person as well.
I do not know your VBA knowledge but take a look and see if this could be of any help.
Also think of the extra information you want in either the appointment of task.


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Hi There,

Firstly - I would like to thank you, for the time you have spent on this task - it is very much appreciated - I appreciate you are busy, so thank you!

Based on your post - correct it is just a crude method for us to track loan stock.
We don't have a shared calendar we can access for this task unfortunately.
The time to set for each appt that gets sent I would suggest 0800.

Now - Although I can read the code, and sort of understand what it does etc, I am already stuck! I don't know how to get it into the spread sheet to test! I have tried opening the maco (alt F11) and importing or opening the macro - but I then get stuck - I cant understand how to run it I am afraid!

Many thanks again for your time on this - I look forward to hearing from you, hope I can try and understand the coding and how to implement it!
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Okay, no problem, but an Appointment or a Task, what do you prefer?
I'll see if I can do both you can then decide.
Any extra information to add to the Appointment body or Task body?
I think appt. is preferred.
Body of appt just needs the data contained in each row - ie ROW1 - all data in that row would go to the email address of engineer; row 2, all data to engineer in that row, and so on?

I do thank you!
Hi all,

I am still trying to figure out how to achieve this request...would anyone be able to advise at all?

Many thanks in advance for help out there!

So this means you haven't achieved anything yet?
I'll try and work it out
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