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Excel 2010 Pivot Table Summary

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Good afternoon. I am hoping someone here can help! I have exported an employee deduction for health insurance showing the Employee name and the Sum of Match for the Employer portion. I created a column where I could put Y or N for eligibility for IHS.

I now want to see if I can build an IF statement out to the side that counts if the value is Y in one cell and if it's N in the other. Assume Jim is A2, Donna A3, etc. There's a B column for the cost, but for this post it's irrelevant. I'm trying to determine how many of our employees are eligible for health insurance under a different program.

PIVOT Table Column A My Elig Y/N (Column C) My Tabulation of Y/N in Column E

Jim Smith Y Total Y = 4

Donna Jones N Total N = 1

Cindy Yep Y

Billy Bop Y

Jonny Q Y

Is that even possible?

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