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I keep getting error message
this program has performed an illegal operation and will shut down ,,,then it sits there If I click on it it takes my wall paper off
I just got over a bad bout with a worm and I'm not sure that its over now ,I had MORZE1.EXE and an assortment of others
found them in windows I noticed that most had 601k so I deleted all then went through them again to find any that had been created after 3-24-04 and deleted them also ,But this error thing I'm not so hot ,,any Ideas ???
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styxx thanks for hanging in there,now I have more trouble than before.after thinking everything was OK ,I tried to reload msmessenger.and all hell broke loose they all started to load back into my msconfig startup .I've tried everything I could think of and then some,norton ,blaster 32,spybot,adwareplus,fixblast,pcdoctor,hijack,spysweep,
cwshredder,was running redvprotector nothing seems to get rid of them ,
they look like this all caps....MORZE1.EXE, A55G9UDH.EXE,5KQCTU1V.EXE....
there all like that and 601k...they load into windows and into msconfig.jump right over my redv popup killer..I just want to cry ,it's a mess.need a pro here ..thanks for any help you might come up with.............Snidely
snidely says ,,I have it back working now and I'm not usre how long it will last ,But I'm not going to try to reload msmessenger to find out ,But I ave a file that keeps coming up on spybot and adware, adware calls it vx32.betterI spybot calls it look2me
this is the file
Now I've tried to delete this file I found it in 6 or 7 different locations in the root dir.
it's frustrating ,is this file undeletible ?? or is there something that keeps making it
I don't even know what it is supposed to do ?? thanks for your help.
so far I haven't seen MORZE1.EXE and that I thank you for house call seems to be able to pick it off, ..Snidely
snidely says thanks ,,,I have done that and rebooted ran my adaware plus
and then spybot,,when spybot got to the end it said congratulations...Amen to that
brother this has been a real drag,,thanks for your help ,,,Snidely
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