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Error message in Microsoft Access Program

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Hello Masters of Access

I have written a reservation program in Microsoft Access and when I open my form I get the following message "reserved error (-1517); there is no message for this error". At this point I can click ok or help When I click help it says "Reserved error <Item>; there is no message for this error. (Error 3000)
An unexpected error occurred. The specified code identifies the conditions under which this error can occur. Please contact Microsoft Product Support Services for more information."

I have shut down and done a compact and repair but it keeps coming back

Any help?
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it just started 2 days ago. We have had the program for about 3 years now We created it in 2000 and the data sits on a server but the workstations are between 2000 & 2003
the error appears on all versions Yes we do backup every night. I would rather not have to do that as we have entered a lot of info over the last 2 days
We did backup the program on a flash drive the night before this happened. When we came in the following morning we started getting the message. But that is it. A few days earlier we added a macro on our form so that we can email out of the form. The macro moves it to word and puts it in a email. That had been working fine
I sure will reply with results. Question, In my reservation system I created with Access, I have many tables. When I open the program-go to tools-and do a compact & repair. Does it compact every table or is there another method to do this
hey guess what I went to each workstation and did a compact and repair. At this point in the day the error has not occured. I'll keep you posted
the program sits on our workstations and the data sits on the server. does that answer your question?
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