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Entire system running slow and I've tried all I can think of

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Hi, my friend recently gifted me his old PC build as my laptop recently died. The issue I am having is even tho I'm finaly up and running with windows everything is so slow like response times are bad web pages take ages to load and I can barely run games at 5fps even when put to potato settings

In my system I have the following:
- SSD 250gb
- Hard drive 1T
- Hard drive 2T
- CPU = Intel(R) Core(TM i5-4670 CPU @ 3.40GHz
- 2x4gp Ripgaws ddr3 1600
- GPU = MSI Geforce GTX 960
- Mother Board = Asrock z87e-itx
- PSU = corsair TX750

Windows 10 pro
And it boots off of the SSD

Both my Friends and I are stumped as to what's causing it like I know it's not the best set up ever but I cant belive it's this bad ya know?
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Whenever you get a used PC, you should install a fresh Windows. That gets rid of the things that the previous owner has, and also gets rid of any malware he/she might have on the PC. Go download MS Media Creation Tool. Run it and Generate a Windows setup DVD or USB memory stick. Boot with that and do a custom install, delete all partitions.
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