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Email and SMS links

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Hi folks.
I have an strange issue with my links on a website.
These links work perfectly on all devices except Apple ones. iPhone and iPads etc.

<div class="links">
<div class="email"><a href="mailto:[email protected]">CLICK HERE TO EMAIL ME</a></div>
<div class="sms"><a href="sms:+44123456789">CLICK HERE TO TEXT ME</a></div>

Has anyone come accross this issue?
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I advise you to delete the email address
you are inviting spam emails by including it
Thanks Macboatmaster for taking the time to keep an eye on things.
However, if you look at the email and number you'll see they are both fictitious.
That address validates as an actual email account on
My word, seriously. I just made it up.
I'll edit it.
This is a strange one I admit.
I've discovered the issue is with my domain host.
I host my own website on my own PC using WAMP and use the host to forward to my IP address.

For the benefit of others, who may come across this in the future, let me explain.

There are different ways one can forward:
301 which is permanent forwarding and
302 which is temporary forwarding.
In 302 you can choose framed or non-framed, depending on what URL behaviour you want.

It appears that when you forward using a 301 redirect, your links works ok, but your IP address is displayed in the browsers URL.
However, when you use 302, the links won't work but the website address is displayed. Displaying this is desirable.
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1 - 6 of 6 Posts