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email addresses

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Good morning everyone.

I would like to know if an email address is known and that is all the information one has. Is there any way to find out who it belongs to?

I have searched everywhere I can think of and all I can find is search engines and databases which do just the opposite of that. They will give you the email address if you know the persons name and address.

I would think that there would be something somewhere that would find the person's name and address if only the email address is known.

I would appreciate any help or suggestions.

Thanks again.

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In order for you to get an email address, you need to register for it. If you registered the address with your valid details, then the ISP you use that gave you the email address has your records. This can be traced and the information provided, but only via very specific legal actions.

Now, you can trace any email address back to the ISP that has provided it. If you use bellsouth in Florida, then you will have an email address that ends in you can then contact the ISP, and tell them the reason you want the details of the person who uses a specific address. It will be unlikely they will divulge the information to you, as you are a private citizen, but they can take their own action if they acknowledge a specific violation of their acceptable usage policy has been breached.

Long and short of it all, the average joe soap off the streets will never be able to find out who [email protected] is, nor should they. However, it would be easy to figure out [email protected]
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Thanks Randy G.

I appreciate your taking the time to answer my question, It seems very easy to find people when you know the yahoo ID or the msn nickname, but if you know the whole complete email address, no search engine will tell you anything. you would think one could do a reverse look-up such as can be done with telephone numbers.

Thanks for your help and have a great day!

ah yes, my YahooID has no specific info attached to it (it's not monkeylover BTW:D) other than my name and email address, so that would not be useful to you. Yahoo requires no realworld addresses, and neither does hotmail. Users MAY, if they so choose, insert their realworld data in the profiles, but that would be just plain foolish, IMHO. This is the reason why SPAMmers use yahoo and hotmail accounts, along with loads of others, to foist off their ads, etc. I don't think any of us would be to happy to have a SPAMmer also be able to find out where I live in the real world. They annoy me enough virtually!!;)

The information you are trying to find, or have asked the question about;), is protected through many privacy acts, which is why you are unable to find it easily.

As to my help, I don't think I proved to be helpful, just slightly informative!!:D;)

and I plan on having a great day, but thanx for the wishes, and please find them returned tenfold!;)
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