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I need some tech savy guy or girl to please provide me with a list of features that would be non functioning in a Windows XP Home Restore CD (Norton Ghosted with bundled software) as opposed to a fully functioning store bought Windows XP Home Edition CD.

I know some restore features are missing, and some maintenance features are missing.

Basicly, any feature that a win XP CD ask you to put the CD in the drive for.

Since I only have a Restore CD that has a ghosted copy of Windows XP Home edition on it, I cannot use these features. I need a list of them as documentation for my lawyer so we can get the company to cough up a real Win Xp CD

You see, my beef is that I paid for a fully functioning Windows XP Home edition software from emachines. Because the CD is ghosted and some features are not accessable They are illegaly providing me with a scaled down product. It just takes a court to make the company liable for this. There is nothing in their EULA that reflect that I paid for anything other than a fully functioning version of Win XP Home.

Microsoft agrees with me, that I didn't get what I paid for, but since they sold eMachines the licence to redistribute the software, it is out of their hands, and eMachines refuses to provide me for that which I paid.

Can someone please help provide me with this list?

Thank You!
John Phoenix
[email protected]

P.S. If you have the restore CD from emachines and you feel this way also, please e-mail me. There are strength in numbers. We cannot let the big companies deny us the right to have that which we paid for.
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