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emachines e725

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Hi All,

I just can not make my laptop work with an external monitor, which is in this is my lcd telly. Does anyone know the cure? Thanks
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how are you connecting the laptop to the TV - is this using a VGA cable - does the TV have a VGA input for PC on the TV ?
Yes i am using a VGA cable, the telly has the input as well, and i select "pc mode" or something like that on the screen. But on my PC however, when i open up graphic properties, that intel window says there is no support for monitor/TV option. In that case, why does my laptop have a VGA port?

Thanks for any answers
do you have a symbol of a square screen on one of the F keys at the top of the keyboard
that key will toggle between

{laptop only}
{VGA output only}
{laptop and VGA output}

Thanks for the answer, however it is still not working. Other functions work with the function button, but not this one. I got it properly connected, got a brand new cable as well. Could it be a software problem ? Cheers
yes, more likely a driver or graphics card issue - it may also be a TV issue

do you know anyone with a desktop PC , if so you could try the Monitor from that desktop and see if the laptop will output to a monitor - some autodetect the connection and others will need the F key toggled
you will need to also use the ALT key

its also very easy to bend the pins in those plugs - so check no pins are bent
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