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Easy Excel question

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I will have cells g18:J32 that will have hours entered in them. Sometimes they might enter a number like 1.5 or 2.5 in those cells. I'd like for those cells to round down.
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Ta ke a look at for an idea on how to organise a Timesheet record.

The only way I know how to do a rounddown function is through a function, which means it would call the information from a specific cell.

=ROUNDDOWN(A1,0) would look to cell a1 and round the number down to the nearest whole number, so 1.5 becomes 1, and 2.5 becomes 2, etc.

You can do these calculations elsewhere on the sheet, and then display the totals nearby, but you would need to have someone who was better in vb to be able to write you a code that would automatically change the values in the cells, after you input them.

hang around till someone more knowledgeable in VB comes around.
Tried the Valadation box route. With a prompt of Whooops! "Whole numbers please."
Now if my boss will just approve this.
Thanks so much for your help and advice.
and I was just thinking about this thread this afternoon!!!

Anyway, I would suggest you go to Office Experts Forums cause they ROCK in all things Office.

Another, VERY good, Excel resource would be Mr.Excel

I'm sorry I did not suggest them before, but I had my head up my arse!!:D;)

Good luck.
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