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Okay I'm having a problem with a couple programs (Mozilla Thunderbird and Trillian) where after I've exited them, they still show up in the task manager under processes. When I try to end the process nothing happens. I try to open trillian and it doesn't work, also I can't connect in thunderbird to get my email. Trillian is running 3 times under the process tab in task manager and in each instance it's taking up at least 8,000k of memory.

Outlook Express does the same thing. And when I try to reboot it stays stuck because those processes will not end and I have to hold the power button to make it turn off. I can't recieve my e-mail.

I remember before it stopped working that there was an Automatic Windows Update called Distribution software 2.0. I tried to system restore to the point where it was not installed but it fails. So I went into Add/Remove Programs and uninstalled the latest update (it didn't say it's name, just Windows Hotfix). The processes still will not end. Here are my specs:

P4 2.53 GHz
768 MB DDR-SDRAM (PC2700)
Radeon 9800 Pro

Help is very much appreciated!
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