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e mail attachments

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I was sent some photos by e mail.When I open the attachments I just get lines of weird figures,am I doing something wrong or is it my equipment at fault? Anyone help?
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Most likely its the file ext in which they were sent. Do you happen to know what that was?

EX: .jpg .gif. .bmp

Savvy :)
Thanks Savvy I'll try to find out & come back to you.
scan them w/ a virus scanner before you do anything else.

If you don't have one go get AVG from Grisoft
You mean junk like this here.

ú‡Á_ümðoÇôMQ¶×çÕt…ú¾±¯øŸLӟ\Õõ¯™¤¸¾[xsK%<æŽí´»x¡…R8Ð Iø©ø1Á|SŠÄÔÍášU«ƒö¥R–=RœÖ#NµIVq ý¤œö•••÷m³éêqÖy—dÙÁ¬mC*®8HóT•<T©ÅÎ\÷“QV»owmÏÿÙ

That's just the code, so you need the mime to open the images.

What email program are you using?
What are the file types you are trying to open?
Can you see other image types ok?
yes hewee thats what I'm getting frrmat is jpg
Ok then it's your mime.

But you did not answer all.

What email program are you using?

Can you see other image types ok?

Is this new trouble that started.

Can you see .jpg files on web pages?

Click here and this is a .jpg.

Click the
by my user name and there is an .jpg image also.

What you can do if you can see all over .jpg images is ask who you got the image from to resend it.
Not sure but do you have it so you can view .html (Rich Text) email?
I use Netscape so can't help you on Outlook.
But in Netscape the .html (Rich Text) settings for email seam to be for sending only so they should just show up.
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Hewee- Thanks I can see those images OK I'll get him to resend
Originally posted by ainsleygas
Hewee- Thanks I can see those images OK I'll get him to resend
Great but what did you do so you could see the images or are you talking about the images here on the web?

It would help if you answer the things I ask above so I will know more and can help you better.
Hewee- Thanks for your help but I'm really dumb with this thing.
How do I know if I can receive rich text html?
whatydo you mean by email program?
I seem to be able to see most images ok ,the ones I referredto were those on the web.
Rich text will let you see more then plain text like you see here.

This above is plain text.

This is rich text here

I mean what program do you use to send and receive your email with.
Netscapes Messenger or I.E. Outlook or Ooulook Express.

I can help with Netscapes Messenger.
Now if you are getting the images in Netscapes Messenger and they are .gif, jpg and jpg then they should just show up in the email. But you need to go up to "View" and the down to "View Attachments Inline" and click on it and put a checkmark there.
The all the image formats I just said will show up Inline or in the body of the email.
I'm using Outlook express!
Ok lets see if I can help you.
I don't use Outlook express but it's on my PC and I looked at it. Open Outlook express and go to tools, options. Click on the sent tab. See the mail senting format put a check in the HTML box.
Then click on New Message and go to format and put a check by rich text (HTML) and sent pictures with attachments.
There setting above are for senting email.

This here is from the Outlook express help.

To view a file attachment
In the preview pane, click the paper clip icon in the message header, and then click the file name.

At the top of the message window, double-click the file attachment icon in the message header.
To save a file attachment, click the File menu, point to Save Attachments, and then click the file name. To save the attachment from the preview pane, click the paperclip icon, and then select Save Attachments.

When a message has a file attached to it, a paper clip is displayed next to it in the message list.

Maybe someone that uses and know more about Outlook express can try and help you because you should be able to see a .jpg file.

Now you could go here to and get IrfanView and it will let you view many image types. It's also free.
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Hewee - Thanks for all your help,I now have the pictures.
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