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E-Machine power supply trouble

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Hi everyone!

My girlfriend has an e-machine model w4682. When I press the power button the power light around the power button turns on and stays on. The lights on the keyboard for the num lock, caps lock, scroll lock blink on and then turn off, then they flicker before turning completely off. Nothing else turns on (no fans, no monitor input and no laser mouse). Do you think its the power supply?

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Open case...

Disconnect ALL drives from mobo... Even unplug any modem or expansion cards.

So all there is, is a Power Supply (PSU)---> MOBO (with RAM & CPU)... and of course cable pack to powerswitch/light. Of course the monitor is still plugged into the video port.

See if that works. If not, even pull the RAM out... and see if you get any ERROR beeps. Turning on a PC without RAM won't hurt it... We need to see if something is wrong with the mobo. Also a bad drive can keep your system from booting.
I don't recommend using a vacume cleaner hose (or floor type roller) inside a PC - the suction isn't great for the dust that can be caked to the electronics. You might have bumped into a part and damaged it - I doubt static electricity was the cause unless your hose was metal.

In the future, I recommend a can of AIR (About $3-5 a can) which can do it safely. Sometimes I use an air-compressor (friends) - but it maybe possible to damage with that because of the extreme pressure, but it does do the best job for dirty computers.

If the mobo is fried - your data is still GOOD, but you'll need to replace the mobo (which may require another winxp key) and install windows on another drive - then xfer the data from the original drive to the new drive.

But lets try to see if its DEAD DEAD... Locate a jumper on that mobo, it should have 3 pins in which 2 are covered. Switch position with power plugged in, but not ON. Let it sit for about 10secs - then put in original position. With RAM/CPU and MONITOR plugged in - see if it lives. (Monitor is NOT keeping the system from booting - if its using the onboard video) - remember, NO DRIVES or extra cards attached.

If still dead -Pull RAM & CPU(unplug power) - repeat jumper thing - then power it up WITHOUT CPU&RAM for about 5 seconds. Unplug power - reinsert CPU&RAM and power up. Yeah it SEEMS strange, but I have recovered more than a few computers this way.

If dead... you have a girlfriend to please.

The motherboard on ebay goes for about $10 - but it needs to be available.

You could also go to Frys or newegg and get P4 board (Socket 478) which will cost about $140~150. But we also don't know what else is damaged... RAM, PSU (doubt - unless you vacumed with the power on) or CPU.

And youre kind of throwing good money after bad (unless you can test things out) - but the remaing parts are good (HD, DVD drive). So you may end up spending $200~300 trying to replace any bad parts.

So ya may look at getting a new computer or building a new one...
Here's a Compaq for $400 and would SMOKE that emachine

For $100 more, doublethe ram to 1GB, 250GB HD and card slots:

good luck!
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Thanks for the info... I said I doubt it - but yer right...

With the system powering up, still sounds like the mobo is dead.

Can of AIR is your friend ;)
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