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E-Machine power supply trouble

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Hi everyone!

My girlfriend has an e-machine model w4682. When I press the power button the power light around the power button turns on and stays on. The lights on the keyboard for the num lock, caps lock, scroll lock blink on and then turn off, then they flicker before turning completely off. Nothing else turns on (no fans, no monitor input and no laser mouse). Do you think its the power supply?

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Alright, no go. I installed a new power supply and I still have the same problem: same lights turn on but nothing else.

I didn't have the monitor hooked up but the fan in the power supply should at least kick. It's all still the same.

I tried unplugging everything aside from the main motherboard plug ("the big one"). I also took out the RAM and heard no error beeps.

It's the motherboard, isn't it? :(

I had used a vacuum that day to lightly clean the tower's insides. I guess that must have done it. Curse you, static electricity! :mad:
I am really almost in disbelief that the vacuum shorted out the motherboard. I was letting the thread go but the issue has me steamed. I had cleaned the inside of my home computer, a PowerSpec, more than enough times for any kind of static shock to occur yet every time it turns back on without any problems. Albeit it is not the best, nor safest, way to clean a computer's inside, vacuuming had yet to short out anything on my PowerSpec.

My girlfriend's computer, an EMachine, on the other hand, gets a light cleaning with a Kirby vacuum, and now it refuses to work.

There has to be other factors here or it just doesn't make any sense.

Other Factors:
Kirby vacuums are no joke. They are powerful vacuums.
My girlfriend ran her computer 24/7 since 2003.
EMachine probably does not make durable systems/components. (I'm not a hundred percent on that though.)

Disclaimer: I've been using a can of air on my PowerSpec, even before the problem with my girlfriend's computer. I knew the risks of static electricity that day I used a vacuum on her computer, but figured, I had done it so many times to my computer before, it wouldn't hurt.
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