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Dying GPU?

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So, I've had an Visiontek Radeon 9200 SE [128mb PCI] for about four years now, maybe five. It's served me well, but it just ain't up to scratch anymore. However, money's hard to come by, given my lifestyle - don't ask. So, I make do.
However, lately, whenever I start up my computer, Windows loads, and a few moments after I log in, my screen goes black. Not only that, but my monitor goes into standby mode [makes loud "click!" sound I've come to associate with a monitor powering on, and the light goes from green to amber.] This only lasts a few seconds, but it's long enough to be a distraction.
And I can't help but wonder if it's my graphics card, or if it's something else. If so, is it serious?
Also worth noting is the fact that the taskbar remains black for several seconds after everything else. What gives?
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All goes back, but as I said before, the taskbar lags behind everything else. I've run it at several resolutions, ranging from 800x600 to 1280x1024. Screen size is about 16-17 inches, by my estimate.
And yes, it is a CRT.
WinXP. And the resolutions don't change. Nothing changes, really. If I could show you this, I would. Besides, like I said, it runs Windows for ten-twenty seconds before this happens. But you could be right.
... by the way, it's never done this before, and I've been running with this setup for quite a while now.
Eh, I haven't updated manually, but that could be it, too.
Right. Well, as long as we're pretty certain it's not hardware-related, I guess I can disregard it.
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