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The situation. I am unable to upgrade my GeForce FX5700 (Asus GeForce FX 9570 TD 256) Graphics Card Drivers to the latest Drivers 66.93. When I do, I am given a graphics card that crashes games such as half-life2, Sacred or any other DX9 Game that uses Pixel and or Vertex shaders 2.0 when the Card supports these functions.

What actualy happens in the mentioned games above. In Sacred. The title isn't displaed at all. where the title of the game is, there is a pixel shaded area which runs a water reflection shader giving the illusion that the title is under water in a pool. In Half Life 2, The game causes a bugcheck and the system reboots when a shader is used

Now I don't think that it is the drivers that are cuasing the issue but then again I'm not sure, In Microsoft's Infinite wisdom they don't give end users a way to reinstall the DX subsystem if it has became damaged and or corrupted so there is no way to verify this. and DxDiag doesn't tell you enough or offer any way to repairing directX. To further add to the situation, when you run the DirectX Setup Program it doesn't check to see which components are instaled, it goes directly from Ready to install to installtion complete.

But then again it could also be because when going back to a previous version of the Drivers 61.72 everything appears to be functioning properly.

I have tried everything that I can possibly think of to resolve this issue. everything from reinstalling drivers. to attemping to reinstall DirectX (Right Clicking on DXXP.INF and selecting install from an extracted DX 9.0c Installation, but doesn't seem to resolve the DX issue)

As a last resort I will reinstal the OS, but as I said that's a last resort.

System Specs:
Windows XP SP2
512 PC-2100 DDR Ram
120GB WD Hard drive
Asus A7A-266 MB
Asus GeForce FX 9570 TD 256
Creative SB Audigy
AMD Athalon 1.4Ghz

Any Help you guys can give me would be greatly appreicated.
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