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DVR and Roku 2 connection

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I have a digital antenna for local channels and I have a Roku 2 to get programming through Sling. Some of the programs through Sling are available anytime. Some are not, specifically current season programming from AMC. I also have an old model DISHDVR625 but no service.

I have no other access to television service and refuse to pay for a bunch of junk channels and bad service. I live in a small town 50 miles from a city so options are limited, but I do have fiber optic DSL.

Does anyone know if I can use the DVR to record from either the Roku 2 signal or the Antenna?

The only thread I found that refers to this is 12 years old and doesn't take into consideration that there is a restriction on program availability through Sling, which didn't even exist in 2004.

On another site I found another old thread where a 'service technician' said the DVR sends a signal back and would short out anything I tried to connect to it if I didn't have service. But then, he probably worked for one of the satellite companies.

I'd really like to get this done before the new season of The Walking Dead starts in October. I hope someone out there can help. Thanks.
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Most likely no. I'm not 100% sure with Dish boxes, but the DirecTV boxes are unusable when the account is inactive (the only output is the call 1-800.... to subscribe for service). I also don't believe they have a "Line In", so you would have no way to input the video.
Yeah, it does. It's not a 'wireless' receiver. It has a cable type connector. It's an old unit, not HD, that the Dish guy told me was obsolete. That's why I didn't have to return it, when I disconnected at my old address.

Another thing that may be pertinent, it has a control card in it that I assume is used to control input depending on what package you have with Dish. Should I remove the card or leave it in? I'm thinking remove, but I'm not techy.

The main question I'm concerned with is this. Does it actually send some signal back through that line that will damage my Roku if I do connect it.
I'm pretty sure it's illegal, regardless, as Roku uses HDCP to block recording. I need to do some research, but I'm almost certain it's not legal to do so, and as a result, we may end up closing this thread.


We are not sure whether this is allowed or not. I've been researching it, read Sling TV's TOS and EULA and it's still not clear to me. So, the only thing we can recommend is that you contact Sling TV and ask them if you are allowed to record to the DVR that you already have.
As we cannot verify that this is legal or not, I'm going to go ahead and close this. Cookiegal has the best recommendation, namely reach out to Sling and Roku support and ask them if it is even legal, and if so, how you can accomplish this.

Thanks for understanding,

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