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Dvi-d single link monitor TO VGA port on PC?

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I have a computer that has a VGA port for the monitor.. which VGA is analog

And my monitor has a plug on it that is dvi-d single link 18 + 1 pin plug.- which is a digital signal

(( Has 3 rows of 3 pins, then a large space with another 3 rows of 3 pins and one long horizontal pin off to the side. Similar to the dvi-d dual link except for the extra 6 pins ))

So I need to basically plug a digital monitor into an analog signal PC.

There are tons of connectors with dvi-d dual link male and VGA female or dvi-d dual link female to VGA male but NONE for dvi-d single link..

I found a professional site who says they do make this connector than I need but they are very rare and very expensive and I cannot find one anywhere. My question is can I piggyback it somehow by using the connector for the dvi-d dual link instead? Or will I lose any signal? On Wikipedia they tell you what each pin on the dvi-d connector does so can someone help me out? I only know what I have researched recently
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Hello and welcome to TSG!!

Does the connector on the monitor itself have 4 pins surrounding tghe horizontal long pin? If so, those are analog connections that will allow you to use the VGA output on your PC with that monitor. If not, the monitor has only digital input and needs a special active adapter, that is, it wll be powered and will need to convert the analog to digital.
Is the monitor worth the cost and effort? You can purchase a 23" monitor for under $100 these days. Most still have VGA inputs.
They do make VGA in to DVI-D out converter boxes, but they are not inexpensive.

A less expensive route might be to get an inexpensive Video Controller Card with a DVI-D output.
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