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Alright here’s my problem. Every time I instert a cd/dvd/what have you my DVDrw-rom drives icon switches to a CDrom icon. The disk neither auto-plays nor if you open it can you see any files or information but the disk does spin up you can hear the drive working pretty hard but get nothing. Also if you looking at the details about the disk... is says that there is 0space 0 total size. This drive was working fine days before. I have SerialRaided (is that how its spelled?) striped hard drives. Windows XP. 3200+ AMD Athlon 64 and 2gigs of ram.

To fix
1. I tried removeing and reinstalling the device, and its driver. I also updated drivers for both device, the burning software, and also the bios. Even making sure to go back and remove all (I think) registry entries I did have a list of what to remove.

2. Thinking that this was just a bad drive, I replaced it with a new one and had the same problems. I again tried updating the drives and software. I couldn’t even use the disk that came with the new drive.

3. Seeing as both drives had the same problem I replaced the IDE cable on original computer with no luck, also I tried switching to the other open IDE slot. I checked the IDE channel itself to see if the mother board dropped it by placing a spare hard drive on the cable(this was suggest by the motherboard company GIGAbyte) I could read files and open music from this hard drive so the channel is working.

4. On the off chance that for some reason both drives maybe broken in the same manner I placed both in an older slower computer that also had XP with service pack 2 and had no problems with either.

Any Suggestion?
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