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DVDR burning

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I have been trying to burn a dvd for a while now but have not yet been able to get it done. I am going to post some of my question in hopes that some of the very skilled people here will be able to answer them.:)

1. I have some movies(Billy Madison, Fight Club, Cats and Dogs, and A Bugs Life) that I got off of kazaa. They are all in .avi format exept for Fight Club which is in .mpeg format. I want to burn them to a dvd disk but dont really understand how. Is it possible and of so how would I got about it?

2. I just reacently bought Lilo and Stich and used smart ripper to get it on my computer. I have the files which are labeld .vob, .ifo, .idx, .lst. I would liekt o burn these onto a dvd disk. Is it possible and if so how should I do it.

Thanks to everyone and to the people who made this site possible, its gotten me though alot of problems. Thanks
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Unfortunatly we cannot help you with this problem since it is dealing with bypassing copyright issues placed on original DVD's.
There are places that will offer help if you wish to search for them but here at TSG we cannot!

Will have to close thread!

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