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I am not sure where to post this but here is the scenario ...

I have P4 2.4GHZ that I used for a long time without any problems.
Pioneer dual layer DVD drive and anothe liteon CD burner....
Now I have purchased new SATA 320 Seagate HDD all my other drives are
IDE not SATA ...

I have connected the new HDD installed win XP with service pack 2 ... no problems
so far I used the DVD rom to do all the installing ... ok WIn XP has booted up
for the first time .. I put a CD into it .. bang "G: i/o device error" I can't read it...
I've put audio CD into it .... works .. tried few other cd, dvds ... again error...

Ok to check the DVD rom I boot from my old HDD drive while SATA HDD is still connected
same problem ... DVD is not performing well ..

Ok I disconnect SATA drive boot up again .. everything is back to normal DVD rom reads all those cds and dvds ... ??????
I tried again booting from SATA drive .. I deleted all IDe controlers and DVD so that it can initialize again the drive ... which it does and all looks fine but again its slow and doesn't read some cds ... or if I try mounting an image from a CD it crashes ...

Does anyone have an idea what's going on? How can SATA drive cause DVD to go crazy and any ideas what I can try to fix this issue ?

thanks so much
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