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DVD Player won't work in newly built comp

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I recently built a new computer using a new Albatron KX400-8X Motherboard and an Athalon XP 2000 CPU. I installed an Elitegroup AG200 (8X AGP) Video Card. The OS is XP Home.

Everything works fine except for the DVD Drive. It was removed from a Compaq 7478 and was working fine when removed.

When I attempt to play a DVD in the drive I get an error stating "Playback failed due to a problem with the video subsystem. Lowering your screen resolution or color depth may fix the problem." I attempted to change the resolution with no results. The drive works fine as a CD reader and plays Audio CD's fine. It just won't play DVD's. Ususally it goes to the Main Screen, but when I hit "PLAY MOVIE", it lists the above error in the interactive player.

Is the problem with my DVD drive, the player, the driver, the OS, or what? Do I need a new, up to date drive? New drivers? New/Different DVD Player Software?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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I forgot to supply the DVD drive manufacturer and model, It is a Compaq DVD-ROM DVD-114.

Thanks again.
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have you tried the player with a different software DVD player?
I use PowerDVD to watch dvd movies and when I went to Windows XP I had to upgrade the software to get it to play movies. You may need to do the same thing.
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